- quickwrite;
"List four properties of life," "Is a plant seed living or not? Explain your answer."
(notes: movement is not one of them, ultimately difficult to define)
- nature of subject from IB
- cont. "Chemistry for Biology Students"
- seating chart


  • order IB Course Companion, Second Edition if you have not done so
  • if you need to review chem., read pg. 20-26 in Raven and Johnson book over the next couple days
  • read pg. 44-46 in "Tiger" book

- Properties of Water lab


Tiger book DBQ (data-based question) pg. 44

- Bell Ringer
- check DBQ and go over (2nd period only)
- finish Properties of Water lab

HW; finish lab activity questions

- go over DBQ (8th period only)
- hand back quickwrites and explain I, C, zero
- go over lab (polarity leading to hydrogen bonding, leading to thermal, cohesive and solvent properties)
  • cohesion and surface tension (waterstrider, nanorobotic waterstrider, water spider, mosquito larvae)
  • solvent properties (transport of nutrients and wastes and medium for metabolic reactions)
  • thermal properties (moderating temperatures and coolant; alcohol vs. water)

- hand back "bell quiz"
- discuss lab and thermal properties of water
- large organic molecules

- "Biology for Chem. Students" movie

HW; pg. 47-50 in Tiger book, quiz Friday over "Chemical Elements and Water"

- organic molecule lab
- 3D glucose

HW; Study for quiz over "Chemical Elements and Water"