Mr. Schreiber's IBHL Biology, 2010-2012

  • E.3.1-E.3.6 and Animal Behavior reassessments on Friday, 5/4/12 -- if you haven't been here all week or won't be on Friday, please pick up your graded tests and make arrangements with Mr. Schreiber if you want to retake either test

  • test on Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology on Monday, 5/7/12

  • test on Defence against infectious disease Thursday, 5/10/12 (we'll go over this material on Tuesday)


Year Two!

So we've made it to year two. Topics to be covered this year include many of the human body systems, biotechnology, plants, photosynthesis, neurobiology and evolution.

Over the summer, you learned about much of the ecology, population, and classification material. We will have an assessment over this material soon.

Today, we'll be reading this blog post about memorization and discussing some of the materials you collected and posted on the summer work wiki. You will also get last year's final exam back!

Final Exam (6/11)

Material from second semester only... multiple choice and possibly some short answer. Please look through all of the assessment statements for Cell Division, DNA Structure and Replication, Transcription and Translation, Cow/ Human Eye, Meiosis and Theoretical Genetics.

Summer Work

There is a wiki site for your summer work that you will need a user name and password to access.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

This site has useful video lectures for ALL of your subjects.

Semester One Assessment Statements:


9/17/10 over and

Welcome to IBHL Biology for the 2010-2011 school year!

This wiki will serve as your main destination for the course to keep up with everything going on.

The site will have course expectations, daily activities, useful links/ information and important messages from Mr. Schreiber. It will also have cool stuff like...

Wicked Wasps!

Painted Paper Wasps Punish Phonies

You may navigate to various topic pages by clicking on them in the menu to the left.