Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids

- Styrofoam molecular modeling activity
- 3D glucose

HW; quiz over Elements and Water


quiz over Elements and Water

- go over model building lab (formulas, etc.)
- hydrolysis and condensation of sugars
- go over types of mono- and disaccharides and poly-
- be sure to refer to assessment statements

- bell quiz; name 3 mono-, 3 di- and 3 polysaccharides
- opportunity for reassessment on Elements and Water quiz sometime soon
- make up quiz tomorrow in office hours
- condensation/ hydrolysis animations for carbohydrates
- intro. carbohydrates in food lab; run controls
iodine test
Benedict's test

- CORRECTION: I referred to the iodine test for starch as the Biuret test, but this is incorrect. The solution for the test is sometimes referred to as Lugol's solution, named after... Jean Guillaume Auguste Lugol
- hand back and go over Elements and Water quiz
- review grading policy: grades can change on quizzes and test based on reassessment of relevant material (i.e. Elements and Water quiz assessment statements will be reassessed on next quiz/ test)
- review assessment statements as what to refer to when studying
- hand out list of Command Terms
- lipids; small, naturally occurring hydrophobic or amphiphilic molecules (fats, waxes, oils)
  • functions (including energy storage)
  • condensation and hydrolysis
  • specifically triglycerides (fats) composed of glycerol and fatty acids


  • DBQ on page 50 of "Tiger" book

  • review reading on lipids on pg. 50

- carbohydrates in foods lab: "Design and run experiment to test for the presence of starch and reducing sugars (usually monosaccharides) in various foods."
  • include hypothesis with reasoning (hypothesis is educated guess)
  • clearly outline method
  • display results appropriately (table, etc.)
  • write conclusion/ evaluation, connecting results to hypothesis and evaluating method

- hand out reprieve passes
- discuss lab design, data collection and conclusion; especially controlling variables
- hand out lab rubrics
- period 8; go over lipids material

HW: "Tiger" book, pg. 51-55